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We know the necessity that Kodi provides to all its users and the entertainment that it delivers. As all other developers and support team that revolves around this magnificent software, we are here to promote the positive community that this platform represents.

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Kodi is a non-profit project developed and maintained by the great people from XBMC Foundations. And it is supported by all the people that love the software. And this website has adapted and will continue to adapt to this vision and purpose. Kodi is for everyone, and it will remain open-source software with the help and dedication of its community.

James Bennett – The Main Behind Kodi.ninja

James is the man behind Kodi.ninja. He is a multimedia enthusiast and a software developer. Currently, he is busy with some Android-related projects. He is also doing some collaborations with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

He is a family man that spends his free time with his two kids who happen to love technology just as much as he does. He loves chocolate frappe while watching all his collections of movies on Kodi.

If you want to reach out and work with “Author,” feel free to contact him through his social media handles or his business email address. He is open to software development collaboration involving Android, Windows, and iOS platform. And please, be friendly.