Top 5 Best Kodi Repositories to Download – (2023 Full List)

For you to access hundreds of add-ons that operate without problems, Kodi’s official repositories will help you install them smoothly. Kodi’s repositories are legal and contain add-ons that go through extensive testing. They make it easy to enrich Kodi with new content, with no fear of technical issues.

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Navigating through hundreds of add-ons is a cumbersome task. However, this post focuses only on several guidelines for the best Kodi repositories. To get more information about the different features on Kodi, visit Kodi Vedia.

Did you know that you can use Kodi on different devices? You may stream via Samsung Smart TV, PS4/PS3, Xbox, or Windows. You can also download the Kodi APK version here!

Kodi Repository List

  • UKODI1. An excellent repository that holds a continually updated list of many add-ons
  • Kodi Bae
  • Kodisreal
  • Supremacy
  • Maverick TV
  • Kodil repo
  • All Eyez On Me
  • All Over Repositories

Below are the latest repositories of Kodi. Read on and discover the advantages and functions that these repositories will add to your Kodi:

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TVAddons Repository

  • Repository URL
  • Popular add-ons offered by TVAddons: Indigo, Git Browser, Tubi TV, Live Tube, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Free Live TV, and more.

TVaddons one of the best Kodi repositories, and it is also the most notorious. It is accessible globally and has caused several attacks on large corporations as well as anti-piracy cells. Despite these challenges, TVaddons always resurfaces. This repository has features you can’t find elsewhere. You can download this repository using the Git Browser. You can also find the Indigo Kodi add-on, which is the best add-on for maintenance.

The Git Browser add-on allows you to install add-ons that are found on GitHub easily. The add-on downloads a ZIP file from GitHub then installs the file within Kodi. 

BludhavenGrayson Repository

  • Repository URL: Visit on GitHub and install using a ZIP file
  • Popular add-ons that BludhavenGrayson offers: Box Plus, Fitness Blender, TV Player, TV Catchup, UKTV Play, and more.

Bludhaven Grayson is now trending in the Kodi community. The repository features a few amazing add-ons. Take note that this repository mainly airs sports and live TV programs.

You may have stumbled upon Bludhaven Grayson when looking for a great sports add-on, which was how Fitness Blender and BoxPlus were discovered. A few live TV Kodi add-ons focus on the TV channels from the USA and UK.


  • Repository URL: Visit on GitHub and install using a ZIP file
  • Popular add-ons that Mhancoc7 offers: Animal TV, Free Live TV, Tubi, and among others.

The Mhancoc7 repository does not have many Kodi add-ons. However, its developer has done a great job of bringing new sources to Kodi from the Web. Expect regular updates, and the add-on will work without any arising issues. That alone is the reason why Mhancoc7 is also one of the best Kodi repositories.

This repository has the Animal TV add-on, which comes with over 60 webcam streams that relate to nature and wildlife. The repository also includes a ‘Free Live TV,’ which brings many regional TV channels from all over the world, and they are free and legal to watch.

Marcelveldt Repository

  • Repository URL: Visit on GitHub and install using a ZIP File
  • Marcelveldt offers Spotify, Roon, and Squeezebox.

Marcel van der Veldt is a Kodi enthusiast from the Netherlands, and he is in charge of some popular music-related add-ons. The scripts you find here are interesting, and they can enhance your user experience as you download add-ons such as Spotify, Roon, and Squeezebox. We recommend you try out Spotify to access thousands of music and podcasts. However, this music streaming service requires a registered account so you can gain access to their content. You can also sign up for a premium subscription if you don’t want to listen to ads.

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Kodi Add-ons for Movies

It is best if you get a VPN when using free streaming apps like Kodi. An encrypted VPN recommended as it will hide your identity, location, and browsing history. Experienced Kodi users prefer Surfshark VPN for its fair price, speed, privacy, and a 24/7 live support chat. Surfshark VPN is an easy to use app because it is fast and includes a Fire TV Stick native app. Below is a list of good Kodi add-ons for movies.

  1. Xumo
  2. BBC iPlayer
  3. PlayOn Browser
  4. YouTube
  5. USTVnow
  6. British Pathe
  7. FilmRise – YouTube
  8. Crackle
  9. Internet Archive [Video]
  10. Snagfilms
  11. Netflix
  12. Popcornflix


⬇️How to install Kodi repositories? 

To install a Kodi add-on, you need the source URL from where you the Kodi repository that hosts the add-on.
1. Open Kodi’s main menu.
2. Locate the ‘None’ section and type in the link of the repository you want to install and click on ‘Done.
3. Next, return to your home screen, go to Addon-on, then click on the icon that resembles a box to open the Add-on Browser.

????How to remove repositories from Kodi? 

1. From the Kodi’s main menu, select add-ons, then go to my add-ons and click on all.
2. Locate the repo by name that you wish to uninstall.
3. Right-click on the repo then click on the information.
4. Tap on uninstall.
5. Select the gear icon and select the file manager.
6. Select the profile directory.
7. Click on addon_data.
8. Locate the particular repo folder you want to delete.

What are Kodi repositories?

Kodi Repositories, otherwise known as repo’s, are add-on containers that are Kodi apps. It is best to install a Kodi repository since add-ons will automatically update when there are new updates available. Kodi repositories save you the trouble of installing individual add-ons, and they come in ZIP files.


In this guide, we’ve shown you some of the best Kodi repositories to date. While we can’t suggest only one repository to you, it’s always best to check out the add-ons that are included in a repository.

Did we forget to include any Kodi repository on this list? Leave us a message in the comment section below.

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