6 Best Addons in 2023 for Kodi Live TV (Without Buffering)

Kodi is a versatile media player. That is the main reason it got a lot of positive feedbacks. Not to mention the vast popularity it got all over the world. One of the things that Kodi users are enjoying about this media center is the fact that it not just functions as a local media player but also online. And the best part is Kodi live TV.

kodi live tv

If you love sports channels, news, and other live TV events, Kodi live TV will appeal to you. And the fact that Kodi is free makes it even better than the rest. What more can you ask for when you do not have to spend a penny just to enjoy live TV broadcasts?

The Kodi live TV has been around for nearly as long as Kodi existed. And since then, hundreds and thousands of addons for live TV has been developed and distributed to all Kodi users.

In this article, we are going to tell you of the list of Kodi live TV addons that will suit your entertainment taste. We will only choose the top ones that have been tested by our people. If you think you have good recommendations other than what we mentioned here, feel free to tell us in the comment section. Our readers will appreciate the added information that you can provide.

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Highly Recommended Kodi Live TV

We have carefully selected and tested the addons that are listed here. These are included according to their availability of shows. But not all channels are generally exclusive to one show. There might be some great addons that are catering to more than one type of live stream. So it will be up to you to consider whether you would prefer our recommendations or not.



You probably did not expect YouTube to be mentioned here. But you should know that YouTube as a video streaming platform is also a home for thousands of live streaming platforms. There are live radio stations here. You will also find some talk shows on different topics such as tech, family, and lifestyle.

YouTube as a community is one of the biggest and even successful source of video entertainment. While the best shows are only found on the premium versions, there are still thousands to find in the free version. And I am pretty sure that you will not run out of things to explore in this addon.

Aside from the live streams, there are still millions of videos to watch here. Like I said, if you want an almost endless supply of videos to watch, the YouTube addon can provide that for you.




The cCloudTV or Community Cloud TV is another great addon that has a collection of thousands of live streams. This is the addon that has hundreds of contributors that keep the cCloudTV one of the most popular live TV streamers.

While you will find thousands of channels here, not all of them actually work. So you will find that not you will need to do some searching of good channels manually. But we can assure you that most channels here do actually work.

Besides, there are ways to find out if the server host of the channel is currently online. Also, there is the part where the channels are arranged according to their genre so browsing will not be difficult for you. You should at least find a decent channel that actually streams your favorite shows.

Most channels here are from the UK and the US. So this should be perfect for those that prefer English-speaking shows. This is also a good alternative for binge-watching American-based TV series. They are often updated, and most of the time they are live streaming videos that are currently airing in those locations.




Do you love live Sports TV? Then Chronos is your alternative for cable TV-based channels such as ESPN and Solar. This addon has a number of Sports channels that you will surely love.

The downside about this addon is the fact that it does not have thousands of channels. Chronos has just about some couple of hundreds to make you feel like watching a typical cable service.

Still, it has some movies, TV shows, and documentary channels. Despite the number of available channels here, you will be surprised to learn that most of the content here is relevant and to watch out for. We recommend this addon if you are using Kodi for Android, Kodi for iOS or simply using Kodi for a laptop.




Sports channel, news TV, music channels, and some drama on the side. These are the channels that you can get from SGTV. This addon also has not much to offer. But the reason this addon is included here is the fact that it offers channel links that are actually working. Well, mot channels are working.

Also, before you install this addon, you should understand that the SGTV is offering mostly English-based shows. This means that movies and TV shows would be from the US and UK channels. It is also worth noting that most of the channels here are popular cable TV channels. So as a Kodi live TV user, we are pretty sure that you would be delighted by the election that you will find here.




The Selfless add, as a Kodi live TV option, is probably for those people that want not just English-based shows. This addon can offer TV shows and movies from all over the world. So you should be able to find your preferred languages if you happen to be a non-American fellow.

Just like most of the addons mentioned here, the Selfless addon offers a great variety of channels. You can choose from Sports, movies, TV shows, and documentaries in their list. There are also some news TV channels for specific countries if you want to keep updated about a specific countries’ national state.

If you want a simpler interface, you can choose to arrange the channels according to their genre. This way, navigating through the long list of channels that you will find here will be made easier in just a couple of minutes getting used to the interface.

Link: http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/

Alternate Link: http://bliss-tv.com/lite



As the name would suggest, the SportsDevil is the addon that is mainly focused on the sports channel. But that does not mean that all the channels here are just about sports. There are still a few channels that offer other shows such news and movies.

The best part about the SportsDevil channel is that they offer sports channels from all over the world. So in a sense, this is the best Kodi live TV for sports lovers no matter where you are. And if you must know, some of their channels are the top sports channels that you often find on cable TV subscriptions.

And if you want to take a break from sports once in a while, you can just browse for other channels that are also available inside the SportsDevil addon. You can also enjoy movies and TV shows from the list of shows here. So there are a lot of reasons that you should get the SportsDevil addon on your Kodi app.

Link: http://kdil.co/repo/

Alternate Link: http://www.lvtvv.com/repo/

VPN for Kodi


If you are using international-based addons, it would be best if you could use a VPN. You see, there are a lot of countries that impose geo-locking on their online and internet access. This means that there are some countries that do not allow outside access to other countries. They apply nationwide block on their internet access so that external entities will not be able to influence their people.

This could also mean that you will notice some lags and buffering each time you access TV shows and movies from those countries. To bypass this type of restriction, you should use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It acts as an IP hider that makes your online browsing private and unknown to your ISP or even your government.

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What is the difference between a Kodi Addon And a Build?

Kodi Addons are basic apps that allow for watching videos, tv shows, and more. A Kodi Build is made up of multiple addons and more and presented in a customized interface for a simple viewing experience.

In Conclusion

Is this list good enough for you? Well, I could list more, but that will take a very long article. But if you really want more, just tell us in the comment section below, and we will make a part two for this article.

If you have other Kodi live TV recommendations, feel free to share it with us. A lot of Kodi users would be happy to find out more Kodi live TV options. And we will appreciate it if you share more of your tested Kodi live TV selections.

If you have questions and even suggestions, you may leave your queries in the comment section below. We will try to answer them as soon as we can.

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