6 Best VPN for Kodi in 2023 – Fast and Safe for Streaming!

Check the best VPN for Kodi from here. We have tested and listed those VPNs which actually works for Kodi (Especially for Kodi Firestick). Kodi is known for delivering multimedia especially videos like movies and TV shows. While the Kodi app in itself is legit, some users that develop addons for this app are creating some legal issues on the side. This means that they are pushing addons for Kodi that use pirated movies and some more. And this is the reason why VPN is a requirement for use along with Kodi. So in this article, we will tell you the best VPN for Kodi.


What is a VPN?

You see, VPN is a tool for hiding your IP address and along with it, your location from your ISP and other snooping eyes. And the fact that Kodi is sometimes being monitored if it is using an addon that offers some questionable content, your privacy is also at risk.

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Why use a VPN for Kodi?

If you want to make the most out of your Kodi experience, then a VPN would be just what you need. You can double the entertainment that Kodi already has to offer. Besides, here are other reasons why you would want a VPN with your Kodi:

  • Cover your tracks online
  • Overcome speed limitations
  • Secure your privacy, personal information, and streaming preference
  • Unblock geo-restricted streaming add-ons, meaning, you get to access streaming sites or add-ons unavailable in your country
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to all channels on Kodi from anywhere
  • Install blocked add-ons

Can Kodi run without VPN?

You don’t really need a VPN to run Kodi. The VPN is just something that will help you access add-ons unavailable in your location. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a VPN to secure your online privacy and security. Remember that while you are on Kodi, you are exposing your information especially when you use third-party add-ons, which often have copyright issues.

More importantly, since Kodi is open-source, it is defenseless to cyber attacks. Hence, any information you input is at risk of hacks. Therefore, a VPN is not only for your added entertainment but for your added security as well.

We are not saying that Kodi is a risk to privacy. But it is widely known that our ISP is not so conservative about tracking our online activities. So whether you are using Kodi for Mac Book, Kodi for Android smartphone, Kodi for Sony Xbox console, or Kodi for Windows computer, as long as you are using an internet connection, you are under their prying eyes. And if you belong to a more strict country, it is no wonder that every website that you visit and click will have a trace and a log courtesy of your ISP and government.

Whether you are using Kodi or not, you are still being monitored. And you cannot help it. But if you really are using Kodi as your all-around entertainment center, then we will recommend some great VPN services for you.

Best VPN for Kodi

Here are some of the best VPN for Kodi that you can use. The details will give you an idea of what fits your needs best.


The Tunnelbear VPN will always have a special place on my Ubuntu device that I use for video streaming. Let me tell you why—simplicity and reliability. That’s right.

If you do not know what VPN is and you have no idea how it works, then the TunnelBear will make that simple for you. It has the most user-friendly interface and the most straightforward type of service. And despite its simplicity, it delivers exactly what it promises. And that is a safe and private internet browsing.

Tunnelbear is available for free with some limited features. You will get to enjoy an ample amount of data to see for yourself what we are talking about. And the moment you open the app, you will see how easy it is to operate.

You will only need to choose your preferred country and just tap the “On” switch. You will just need to wait for a second or two, and that’s it. Your IP address will show up from that country, and your ISP will not be able to know what you just did.

If you think the TunnelBear is your VPN, go on ahead to their official site and try out their app for free. You will feel impressed at how simple they make everything for you. All that is left is for you to watch your favorite shows on Kodi.


Surfshark got high stamps when its Chrome and Firefox augmentations were evaluated by German security firm Pure53 for protection, but Surfshark said review. 

While Surfshark’s system is smaller than a few, there are several significant highlights. The highest success it offers is perhaps the numerous gadget support. There no need to worry about the number of gadgets you have turned on or associated when running your whole home or office on Surfshark’s VPN. It also offers anti-malware, tracker obstruction, and advertisement blocking.

Surfshark also has a considerable number of app that runs on Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, FireTV, and switches. You can set up other gadgets like game consoles for Surfshark through a DNS setting. The component that enables you to whitelist specific applications and sites is especially noteworthy.

Finally, Surfshark offers three unique modes for individuals in need of getting around limitations and of shrouding their online strides. Disguise Mode hides your VPN movement, so your ISP would not recognize the use of a VPN. MultiHop, meanwhile, bounces association through various nations to conceal your tracks. Then there’s NoBorders Mode, which permits you to use SurfShark in prohibited areas. Just be extra careful. Any of these three activities may be prohibited in your nation.


The ExpressVPN is on this list because it has a feature that makes streaming videos online a breeze. It sports the fastest servers all around the globe. So whether you are watching a 4K video on one of your Kodi addons or binge-watching your favorite TV shows, this VPN service is a jackpot for you.

Here’s more information to make you want to try ExpressVPN. Currently, it holds the number one spot for the best VPN in the market. It has numerous locations that you can use if one or two servers that you chose get to suffer some excess traffic.

Another thing about the Express VPN is the fact that it boasts their top-class customer service support. They are praised for having 24/7 active and helpful online stuff to help their users fix whatever problem they may encounter while doing some browsing.

They even advertise that they are strictly implementing a “no-logging” policy. That means, they will never keep a log or record of whatever site you visited, what time you went online, or how long you went online.

If this sounds good to you, then we suggest that you go straight ahead to their official site and see what they have to offer for you. Last I read, they have a great discount offer for this month’s new clients.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has its upsides and downside. In 2016, it received positive responses based on David Gorodyansky’s remarks about securing user privacy. In 2017, however, it was criticized for keeping an eye on client traffic, but the organization blatantly denied this allegation. This year, ZDNet exposed a flaw in Hotspot Shield, but this was fixed immediately. 

This VPN offers the best money-back guarantee for VPN administrations at 45-days. It runs on iOS, Windows, and Android and on Firefox and Chrome. It also supports routers and media players; unfortunately, it does not run on Linux. One feature that many users commend would be a connection off button highlight. 

Meanwhile, Hotspot Shield does not support BitTorrent or P2P. It also does not support OpenVPN. Other seller does, however. HotSpot Shield limits its convention backing to L2TP/IPSec.

Users are impressed by Hotspot Shield with its attention to security. It also prevents malware ad claims responsibility for clients’ security by never storing, logging, or offering their clients’ IP addresses.


The NordVPN is another gem that deserves some consideration. This VPN service prides on the fact that they offer high-end security protocols and they never ever log any of your activities. Although there were some raised concerns about its involvement with CloudVPN (another excellent VPN service), those remained just some rumors. Until now, nothing and no one seems to be complaining about it.

So here is what you can expect for the NordVPN. It is reliable as the first two mentioned. They offer speedy servers. And they also have great customer service support. It is not top-class, but it is still right up there.

Now, the NordVPN is not cheap by any means. In fact, they do not even offer a free trial. But on that note, they are hailed as one of the most trusted and reliable VPN services in the market right now. So if you find something that you do not like from TunnelBear or ExpressVPN, The NordVPN is the next best thing.

Head out to their official site if you want to check them out right now. You should also check if their pricing fits your budget. It is better than you already know your options as early as now.

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StrongVPN has a wonderful foundation and average value execution. Also, it has a no-logging approach that is deemed reliable. Since VPN is committed to your protection, no-logging is a huge plus point.

Besides, StrongVPN gets credit for its wide base of IP addresses. Such range guarantees your anonymity. It also boasts of a massive assortment of servers and areas. If you need a dedicated IP, you can get one, but you will have to contact support to get help in setting this up.

The strongest point of this VPN is its system. They own and operate their whole network infrastructure, thus implying that they have no external limits on data transfer capacity nor on the traffic allowable on the system. StrongVPN ascertains you the option to control through your work. As for the price, StrongVPN’s regular month to month cost is $10 and the yearly price is $69.99. This is one of the cheapest out there.

How to use VPN on Kodi

Perhaps you are already decided on using a VPN and on which one to use. Now, here’s how you can use an FPN on Kodi.

  • Launch the VPN that you chose to install
  • Enter the login credentials
  • Selected a country that you want to connect to, like if you want to watch Hulu’s US contents, then use the US as location
  • Be sure that your protocol is set to PPTP or IKEv2 for security
  • When a connection is successfully established, launch Kodi
  • You can now watch any geo-blocked add-on and enjoy streaming

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Using VPN for online streaming

Paid online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are making it quite tough for foreign clients to get to their content. Some people are able to watch shows not available in their countries using a VPN. Some are even able to watch from services entirely unavailable in their countries, like Hulu, which has a much smaller global reach than Netflix.

One case in point is people from other nations wishing to access Disney+, which is the only available at the moment in three nations. VPN comes in very handy in such cases.

How does it work? You need a one of a kind IP address, which is often available for an extra charge. Look for VPN services that have a “dedicated IP address,” “committed IP,” or “static IP” offer. These features are what make it possible for users to access contents or sites unavailable in their countries.  Most of the VPNs on our list above have these services.

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Who else needs a VPN?


VPN is ideal when you want to watch shows that are not available in your country but are shown in other nations. However, that is not the only use of VPNs.

Apart from people tho use Kodi and other media apps, people who access the web for anything from a PC, smartphone, or tablet will benefit from a VPN as it keeps you anonymous, hence protecting a user’s identity and location, and more importantly, protecting privacy.

Any correspondence that you do over VPN is protected, so if someone attempts to hack you, your VPN covers your track, and the hacker won’t trace you. More importantly, your private data, like passwords, usernames, credit card details, among others are kept safe from prying eyes. If you need all these details secured, then you need a VPN.

There are several VPN services that you could get; some are free and some with associated costs. Often, the best ones are the paid ones. Nevertheless, before you choose, you need to consider a few things:  

  • Quality – the best way to know the quality without trying yet is to read reviews and surveys and understand what people think of the VPN you are considering to use.  
  • High security – Check the features, especially the security highlights like anonymous DNS servers, 128-bit encryption, and no-logging, among others.
  • Cost – VPNs are generally affordable, but if you are concerned with price, think of value for money and not just low price. If you don’t need the strongest security out there, then go for the free version or the cheapest ones. However, normally, the more secure ones are those in the higher price range. Before you even consider the price, think of your needs first and what you are willing to compromise for price.
  • Limits in data transfer capacity- often, the higher priced ones give you a greater data transfer capacity, thus faster internet access.  
  • Availability for various platforms or operating systems- if you are looking into truly securing your tracks online, then a VPN that runs on Android and iOS would be best since apps for such systems are often unprotected. The more platforms your VPN runs on, the better the value for money you enjoy.

While indeed, these considerations are what you must investigate before choosing a VPN, the decision is still yours to make. Choose something that covers your need but does drill a hole in your pocket. That is always the wisest decision.

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❓What is the best VPN for Kodi?

The best VPN for Kodi would be the one that meets your requirements. You can choose from NordVPN, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN, IPVanish, SurfShark, Hotspot Shield, or TunnelBear among the many VPNs out there.

❓What is a VPN?

VPN is a tool for hiding your IP address and along with it, your location from your ISP and other snooping eyes. And the fact that Kodi is sometimes being monitored if it is using an addon that offers some questionable content, your privacy is also at risk.

⚙️How to use VPN for Kodi

-Launch the VPN that you chose to install
-Enter the login credentials
-Selected a country that you want to connect to, like if you want to watch Hulu’s US contents, then use the US as location
-Be sure that your protocol is set to PPTP or IKEv2 for security
-When a connection is successfully established, launch Kodi
-You can now watch any geo-blocked add-on and enjoy streaming

In Conclusion

These best VPN for Kodi is just a deterrent from those prying eyes. And if you live in a country where accessing the internet has some rules that bind you, then these VPNs is your fix. They will hide you from the world and make you look like you are currently on the other side of the Earth.

So these are the best VPN for Kodi. I know that there are more out there. So if you think your favorite VPN should be on this list, we would appreciate it if you tell us about it here. We would love to get some good recommendations and see if your VPN is any good as you say it is.

If you have some more questions about best VPN for Kodi, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We will try to answer all of them as soon as we can.

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