Check top 15 best Kodi Addons. This list contains 5 Addons for Movie, 4 Addons for Sports, 3 Addons for Music and 3 Addons for Cartoons. Kodi is a popular app not because it was the former Xbox Media Center. Although that fact helped a lot to boost its popularity we all know that a name can only do so much. What brought Kodi to its current status right now is its customizability. Any users can install addons to Kodi that adds more functionality to the app. And we have listed the best addons for Kodi for you to check out.

Kodi addons

There are tons of addons for Kodi. In fact, there are enough alternatives for all types of users. Thanks to the community that never ceases to pour support to this entertainment center to support devices like Firestick, Kodi for Linux OS, or Kodi for Apple devices.

These addons range from online TV channels, movie collections, cartoons for kids, and anime for big boys. And it does not stop there. Since one addon cannot provide all the popular channels around the world, you get to choose a hundred more that cater similar type of programming with different channels.

If this sounds like a great list for you, then you should see what we have to offer. Brace yourself. If you think you already know all the best addons for Kodi, then be prepared to get excited one more time.

Best Addons for Kodi

Since every user has their own preferred genre of entertainment, we will try to segregate all the addons as accurate as possible. This will also help you find your favorite kind of shows. So if the early list does not fit your taste, just scroll down to see the rest of the categories we prepared for you.

Kodi Addons for Movies

1Neptune Rising

If you are into movie streaming, it is hard to imagine that you do not know the Neptune Rising addon. It provides the greatest list that most users will surely love. And the fact that it is constantly being updated is also a bonus. This means that you get to rely on the fact that it will surely work for the most part.

We have tested the Neptune Rising on the latest Kodi version, and it worked. Just get your installer from the Blamo repository and enjoy binge-watching all week long. You can run out of weekends, but you will never run out of shows from Neptune Rising.



The Covenant addon is the next popular movie, and TV shows online source. It is actually the replacement for the earlier version which is called Exodus.

This addon has been through a rough patch because it was reported to authorities for delivering pirated copies of new movies. So if you are currently in a country where this is an issue, we will advise you not to choose this one. But if you are in a country with less restriction then feel free to give this a try. Also, if you are using a VPN, perhaps you can take a look and check this out. We will leave the decision to you. Just do not forget that we warned you. Peace!

Another important note is that it is currently not being updated consistently. That means bug fixes are on pending right now. But we can assure you that this is still working pretty fine on the latest Kodi release.


Alternate Link


If you are into Kodi but want a more stable version, then the Placenta addon is your next best thing. This addon is the revision of the Covenant and Exodus addon. When you use it, it feels like the incarnation of the two great addons.

And speaking of best addons for Kodi, the Placenta can deliver a huge library of movies and TV shows. This is also the go-to for many Kodi users because it is stable and has more reliable links that work smoothly.



If you are into 4K video quality with your huge TV screen, then Supremacy must step into your addon list. It has almost all the features of the earlier mentions plus the 3D and 4K qualities.

We are not saying that the Supremacy is a complete package addon, but it is worth considering especially if you prefer high-end binge-watching. I mean, if you have a hundred inch TV lying around on your living room, wouldn’t it a waste if you are playing it with those pixelated quality movies and TV shows? Come on. You already spent that much. Why not push your gadget to its limits, right?


5Magic Dragon

I would have stopped on Supremacy addon, but then I remembered this little gem. The Magic Dragon is the go-to for all movies and TV shows, especially for the great ones. Their list of titles is all superb that start to wonder why this addon is not a paid one yet.

But hey! Free movies especially if it’s the recent ones are already a gift. Let’s just enjoy this one and chill on our couch. You can find Magic Dragon in Supremacy repo.


Kodi Addons for Sports


If you are looking for the Covenant version of TV sports, the SportsDevil is your stuff. It offers live streaming of your favorite sports, and you will never look for another addon again.

Name your sports and SportsDevil will most likely have it. Hey, it is not perfect. It has some little flaws on its edges. But if you are not a perfectionist and just want a straightforward addon to deliver your real live sports TV on your entertainment device like Roku, then SportsDevil is yours for the taking.

The SportsDevil addon is now available on Kodil repo. So if you want it now, head over there and get your installer quick.


Alternate Link

7Rising Rides

From the Mulla Fabz repository, the Rising Tides Kodi addon will give you most of the popular sports channel available on the mainstream cable subscriptions. This addon is the go-to of all sports enthusiasts using the best addons for Kodi.

The Rising Tides features ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sports, Bein Sports, and many more. So if you want sports channels that are no-nonsense, this is the addon that you need to install on your Kodi entertainment center.


8Pure Sports

If you were a fan of the former NetStream, then you should love the Pure Sports addon. It features similar library and familiar user interface.

It has a huge library of sports channel all over the world. Of course, the popular ones from basketball and soccer are still there. Yes, the NBA, F1 Racing, Football, Cricket, Golf, WWE, and NHL are also there. Just see for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

All you have to do is browse through its overwhelming library, and you will get the sports to show that you want. Get your fix with the Pure Sports.


9Wrestle Nation

If wrestling and other fighting and brawling sports is your cup of tea, then the Wrestle nation should give you your fix. It sports all the WWE events plus the entire fighting sports event that you crave for.

Think about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and you can think about Wrestle Nation. Yes, this addon is true to its promise. And it will give you nothing more, but fighting events and you only have to sit on your couch and be amazed at it all.


Kodi Addons for Cartoons

10Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr

Well, the name says it all. The Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr. is the addon for your kids and some adults too. This addon features all the Nickelodeon shows and nothing more.

It is like you got a real subscription to the Nickelodeon channel using this addon alone. Your children will love it. And you can work your chores without having to worry about them because you already gave them the treatment that they want.

If you want this addon now, just go to the Fusion repo and start streaming Nickelodeon cartoons all day long. Hey, you can watch it too.


11Super Cartoons Kodi

The Super cartoons Kodi is an almost complete cartoon addon. It has a vast library that you might not use any other cartoon addon anymore. This app has many educational shows that are perfect for your kids. So you can feel less worried and feel more confident about what your child is watching.

The Super Cartoons Kodi was used to be available from Dandy Media repository. But now, you can get this addon from Kodil repo. The Dandy Media repo is no longer active that is why Kodil took over.



For anime fans, the KissAnime is the capital of most anime fans ever existed online. Boasting around 7,000 anime titles under their belt, it’s hard to think that your favorite anime is not available in this addon.

Are you looking for the latest episode of One Piece? How about the latest release of Attack on Titans? Get this addon on your Kodi media center and site back to enjoy your favorite anime. To maximize the experience, find new anime that you haven’t seen before because there is surely more than one to find in this treasure trove of anime shows.


Kodi Addons for Music


Well, we all know that YouTube is more than a music addon. It is the holy grail of all video content from all over the world. You can learn and enjoy YouTube alone. But there is also some misleading and insane content within this platform.

We are not here to talk about other content though. One other media content that YouTube is famous for is its music department. This platform has all the music in the world. Every artist latest release album, you will find it here within the week of its release.

So if you want to make sure that your favorite type of music is available on your addon, the YouTube is your sure bet. Plus, you can go nonstop with this addon.


14TuneIn Radio

If you want an addon that can provide you with diverse choices on music, the TuneIn Radio sits on top of them all. It offers a great library of music for all genres, and they are all in crisp audio quality. And here is the best part. Do you remember the name of the addon? Yes, it is also delivering its users radio stations all over the world. If that station has an online streaming feature, you can surely get them to play on your device using Kodi.

The TuneIn Radio gets to have most of the latest album releases. They also play music from iTunes and some popular music sources. This addon is a great choice, and we can vouch for it.


15MP3 Streams

The MP3 Streams is said to be getting its music content from some shady online sources. But we couldn’t really know for sure. But one thing is for sure, when we tried the MP3 Streams addon, we got what we expected and more.

Music from the Billboard top 100 and other popular music sites are all here. I thought I am on YouTube after a while. So if you want an addon like YouTube but with only music as its focus, the MP3 Streams is a choice worth considering.


In Conclusion

I could list more addons, but this article could get boring for its length. You see, the best addons for Kodi is epic in number. Thanks to the developers and support this entertainment media is getting. The community is great, and the loyalty of some users is overwhelming. Just do not forget to use VPN apps for Kodi for some added security.

If you are new to Kodi, you should understand after a while why this app is so popular and its users so supportive. We try to be helpful and contribute when we can. Unlike other communities, we focus more on longevity by respect and giving generously.

So what other addons do you have in mind? Do you some more to add on this list? If you do, feel free to tell us your suggestions, and we will try it out as well.

You can also leave some questions if you have some burning questions that you want to share us. We will be more than happy to assist you especially if it can help other people in this community. Thanks for reading this far.

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